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 The faces on Nock On TV are my everyday friends that love archery and enjoy every bit of it. They may not be celebrities or superstars but I can promise you they are the kind of people I want to share a camp, blind or tree with.


familliar face waylon Waylon Byers - AKA Stitch. Waylon is a Iowa native that bleeds hunting and the outdoors. During the day he hammers it out at his family construction business then heads to the timber every night. Waylon is always good for a laugh and comes up with some crazy things sure to leave you in stitches. Stitch is serious about whitetails and is even more obsessed with them as I am. He has shot some awesome bucks and will bring some great hunting strategies to this season on the show.
familliar face pete Pete Clendenen - AKA Iceman. Pete is a hardworking tradesman that is passionate about using his spare time to get out and enjoy being a hunter. He and Stitch are always building new stand locations, planting food plots or scouting big bucks. Pete never leaves home without an igloo cooler loaded with some cold ones on ice. Hence the name Iceman. Pete, Waylon and Dustin are the guys that I am around nearly everyday. These are my hometown friends that I know are true to the sport and will bring some authentic hunts to the show.
familliar face dustin Dustin Olsasky - AKA Donk. Dustin is a local buddy of mine that I teamed up a few years ago. We farm together and work together getting our properties set up for hunting. Dustin is a hard working farmer dude in our community and I really appreciate his qualities. This season Dustin will make some appearances on the show and you will surely see more of him in the future. Many shows may have a lot more "celebrity" appearances but at Nock On we are all about the everyday people that love archery and bowhunting. Dustin is a perfect example of that.
familliar face jamie Jamie Hackett - AKA Gun show. Jamie is a soft spoken dude that has grown up with his brother Justin living in the outdoors. He is a former dedicated body builder and knows all about commitment and perseverance. He and Justin never give up and continue to get it done as bowhunters. They are a natives to South Dakota and hunt on public land and private spots that they have from knocking on doors. These brothers are a great team that i feel the everyday bowhunter and weekend shooter can relate to.
familliar face justin H Justin Hackett - AKA Hammer time. Justin is all about American pride. He spends long hours building fire trucks to serve some of America's finest. He spends every spare second hunting with his brother and his kids. If its not hunting season then he is hammering on a 3D range somewhere. I met Justin and his brother many years ago at a 3D archery shoot. We shot a few targets together and quickly realized that because of archery we have alot in common. I am really happy to get these guys in front of the camera and feel it will bring a great family element to the show.
familliar face dean Dean Thornton - AKA Crazy D. Dean is a great guy i met years ago at one of my archery seminars in Canada. Dean is the definition of of an archery nut. I feel really proud to have him contributing to the show. Dean is at the archery shops everyday and at an archery tournament nearly every weekend. He lives archery and breathes archery and is 110% all the time.
familliar face antoine Antoine Vialetay - AKA Hack. Antoine is the creative talent behind Nock On TV. What I see in my mind Antoine can build on a screen and the value of that is priceless. I have known him for a long time and really admire his passion behind archery. In addition to his editing skills he is a competitor as well as a technical writer for archery. He loves everything about this sport and is more in the loop than I am most of the time. Although he is missing some fingers and his Nock On hand sign is a little jacked up he is capable of running circles around other editors with the two fingers he does have.