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 Having family support is critical to the success of any lifestyle. During my youth my parents supported me and my archery dreams while my extended family helped feed my hunger for the outdoors. Now that I have a family of my own we have embraced archery into our everyday lives as a team. It works and my family has a strong bond with it. I continually try to encourage everyone to get their family involved with this sport. It has been a huge part of my families understanding and tolerance to what the life of Nocker has to go through.


Sharon Dudley – AKA- Shazzy Fresh

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My wife Sharon is a UK native and although I introduced her to shooting a bow, the archery is in her English blood since well before my time. Sharon is someone who has given me the best days of my life as well as gotten me through my worst. She is a great example to what a family can be if the lady of the house embraces and supports what everyone is doing. Sharon isn’t the camera ham that I am and opts to be behind a camera much more than in front of it. She is my sidekick and takes most of the same steps as I do each day. She puts in the time and practices with me when I’m out in the yard. She trains with me in the gym and is my watchful eye behind the camera and video lenses. Coming from the UK Sharon was never exposed to hunting and like many people in the UK saw it as cruel and unnecessary. However, after traveling with me and living here in the U.S. she sees the importance of wildlife conservation and how hunters act as population control. I am proud to say she has been enlightened and is a dedicated huntress. She kept an open mind and supported my lifestyle. They say behind every good man is a good women, I would argue that and say beside every good man is a good women, not behind. When time allows for Sharon to be away from being mom she gets out in the field, hunting on her own. She has some awesome hunts for season 2.

FYI - Shazzy Fresh was a nickname I gave her because of her rapping skills. For those of you who know her wouldn’t believe this to be true because of her proper English etiquette and shyness. But I have heard her fresh beats and they are sick! She would never bust a rhyme for a stranger though, sorry!


Lil' Dud

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We call him Lil' Dud. He is quite the entertainer and has some wicked mojo with a soccer ball so I said he is always in High Definition hence “HD”. I got him started on a bow at age 7 when he would come out and practice with me and carry my gear. I didn’t start until I was 10 so he might be way ahead of me by the time he is older. He enjoys shooting instinctive which I am proud of him for because I was never really good at that. I taught HD how to hunt on his Playstation by buying him the game Cabelas Dangerous Hunts. We went through all the basics of wind, stealth, aim and squeeze. When he was 8 he came with me on his first hunt alongside dad and I let him navigate me to take a doe. At 9 he took his first deer down in Mississippi with a perfect heart shot. A year later he took his first buck. Right now he is consumed with school and growing up but whenever he gets in the mood he will climb a tree with me or flings arrows in the yard.