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A word from Dud,

Hey everyone and thank you for supporting Nock On. Season 1 was a huge success and we have had thousands of request from people wanting to buy a DVD from the first season. I have decided to post this first season for free for anyone in the world who wants to see what the show is all about. I realize that there are hunters in many countries that may have a hard time getting the DVD. This is my way of letting everyone out there enjoy the first season and spread the word! I just want to express my sincere gratitude to all of you out there who read my articles and who have followed my career in archery. YOU are all the reason I have this job in the industry. I really enjoy seeing people get better at archery and I also love to see the tradition of bowhunting grow through the countries who are beginning to accept it. This show was one more platform for me to stand on to deliver more of this information.

Thank you all again my friends from the entire Dudley family and the Nock On crew!

season 1